Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dubliner Cheese

Kerrygold© Dubliner Cheese

Created at the same time as the Irish Dairy Board in 1961, Kerrygold© provided its customers with a line of premium all-natural, grass-fed cheeses and butters. Now Kerrygold© Irish dairy products are proudly available in over 80 countries and still follow their small farm approach and rely on independent dairy farmers to supply the company with all-natural milk. Of their cheese selection they offer Cashel Blue Farmhouse, Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey, Dubliner with Irish Stout, Red Leicester, Swiss, Aged Cheddar, Blarney Castle, Dubliner, and Skellig. As far as their butters are concerned, they offer Pure Irish Butter, Unsalted Irish Butter, Garlic and Herb, Naturally Softer Irish Butter, and Reduced Fat Irish Butter.

-The Gamer-

For this entry we end up looking at what is, in my own opinion, a very nice cheese. It's Kerrygold© Dubliner, a fine aged cheese imported from Ireland. The first thing you will notice after opening the package is the lovely, tangy scent that the cheese gives off, giving you the first hint of the deliciousness that will be soon to follow. I would describe the texture of the cheese as being reminiscent of Parmesan or a similar hard cheese. It crumbles nicely, but it's also not too difficult to slice. The taste is wonderfully sharp and tangy, as one would expect from Parmesan or Romano, but not quite as strong as either of those. I would definitely recommend Kerrygold© Dubliner to anyone who is a fan of aged cheeses such as me. You will not be disappointed with your decision.

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