Friday, January 3, 2014

Smoked Gouda

Traditional Delights - Hickory Smoked Gouda 

Traditional Delights
Global Foods International, Inc. 

-The Gamer-
Well, we're on to a new year, so time for some new entries. Today we've got a nice little smoked gouda that we picked up. For those of you who don't know, gouda is a style of cheese, originally produced in Holland. It's typically sweeter than your average cheese due to how it is made, with anywhere between semi-firm and firm hardness, depending on how long the cheese has been aged.

The gouda that we got seems to fall near the middle of the scale, with a little bit of give still in it when you put pressure onto the cheese. It still has the sweet flavor that other goudas have, but due to the smoke it also is a little richer, a bit bolder than your usual gouda, with the smoky taste getting stronger around the rind of the cheese. It's a relatively easy cheese to slice, and would go great on sandwiches, but I have noticed that it doesn't tend to melt as easily as, say, cheddar or mozzarella would. Overall it's a rather pleasant cheese, but due to the richness I would suggest only eating it in small quantities, unless you can handle rich foods that is.

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