Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burley Birch Beer

Hippo Size Beverage Burley Birch Beer
Created in the 1980's by Mike Bourgeois, Orca Beverages originally came onto the Carbonated Soft Drink market with Orca Sparkling which contained a juice blend of over 50 juice. After a bit of a bumpy journey in their early years, Orca Beverage not only produced their own bottled drinks but formed partnerships with other companies known for their iconic old time brands. Now they proudly have a portfolio which contains over 100 retro and specialty glass bottled soda products. 

Orca Beverage, Inc. 
11903 Cyrus Way #5 
Mukilteo, WA 98275 
Fax: 425-349-5083
Phone: 425-349-5655 

- The Gamer - 

I'm going to start this post by saying that this next entry might be a niche one, and you'll see why as you read. Today, we're looking at Hippo Sized Burley Birch Beer. It's a little different from our usual entries, as it is a carbonated beverage. What makes this one interesting is that, although it tastes quite a bit like root beer (not surprising considering the birch part), but it also smells and tastes like Pepto Bismol which itself is somewhat minty, just without the thick, chalky taste that Pepto has. For those not familiar with Pepto, it's a pink liquid generally used to settle upset stomachs and so forth. The flavor of the birch beer actually made me ponder whether Pepto had gotten their flavor from it, or if it were just some coincidence, seeing as how mint is usually associated with settling stomachs. Overall it wasn't a bad experience; it was a nice minty/root beer combination that simply made me laugh when I realized what it reminded me of. 

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