Friday, March 21, 2014

Black Currant Spritzer

Rieder Johannisabeere Gespritzt

Austrian beer and ale company Rieder, established in 1536, is well known for some of their classic Indian
Pale Ales (IPA), Weißbierbock (pumpkin beer), and Honig Bier (honey beer). A little less known but just as high quality are their Gespritzt (fruit spritzers) which they refer to as wellness drinks. They offer apple and black currant flavors.

Rieder Bier
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-The Gamer-
The next entry is something that I came across while we were at a local German deli. It was in the selection for alcoholic beverages, so I had assumed it would be something like a malt beverage. It would appear that I was wrong. Upon looking all over the label for information, I found nothing pertaining to an alcohol percentage. Perhaps they don't add those where this beverage was made (it's produced in Austria), or perhaps it really is non-alcoholic. Regardless of whether or not you can get drunk after drinking enough of these, the taste was rather pleasant. It's supposed to be black currant flavor, but the ingredients listed say that it's made with black elderberry juice. As far as I know, they are are not the same fruit, so I will have to make another assumption that something was somehow lost in translation. Anyways, back to the drink itself. Whether or not it's black currant or black elderberry, it does indeed have a berry flavor to it. Personally, it reminded me of various jams my grandmother would make using dark berries. The flavor is a little rich and dark, but with enough sweetness so as to make it so that the drink isn't bitter. That might be from the natural flavor of the berries, or it may be from the sugar that is also listed  on the ingredients. While this is a carbonated drink, it isn't overly so, with just enough fizz to it to let you know that this isn't straight up juice.

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