Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Roseberry Dark Chocolate

Dagoba Organic Chocolate – Roseberry

An organic chocolate company that uses Rainforest Alliance Certified Cacao, Oregon based Dagoba offers a wide range of dark chocolate bars mixed with other organic ingredients along with drinking chocolate options and baking products. Some of the flavors that they offer include Lavender Blueberry, Chai, and Lemon Ginger. You are able to order their products online from their website.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate

-The Gamer-
Dawn and I found this little bit of chocolate at one of the grocery stores that we frequent, and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised, considering the last couple of chocolates we've sampled recently. Upon first opening the wrapping you can immediately smell a delightful mixture of dark chocolate and raspberries, which happens to be one of my more favored chocolate/fruit combinations. There is also rosehip in it as well, according to the wrapper, but I don't think my senses are attuned to the flavor enough to have actually picked up on it, although I do think I can smell a hint of it.

Regardless, the chocolate was quite good, a nice mixture of dark chocolate with a slight tangy sweetness from the raspberries, with a smooth texture that is pleasing to the tongue. The company seems to have decided to put actual raspberries into the chocolate, rather then simply settling for raspberry flavoring. This is rather nice, in my opinion, although it does come with the minor disadvantages that come naturally with raspberries. Namely, the fact that there are raspberry seeds in the chocolate itself. As anyone who had raspberries before would know, those can sometimes be a bit annoying to remove if they get stuck in your teeth, but again, this is only a very minor thing. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys chocolate and raspberries together. It might even make a nice addition to an ice cream smoothie if it's chopped up first.

-The Artist-

Of the world of chocolate, I have never been much of a fan of dark chocolate. Though I'm well aware of how much healthier it is to have compared to the milk and white varieties, dark always tasted, well, bitter. To say I was hesitant to try this particular chocolate was an understatement but the fact that there was raspberries and rosehips in it had perked my curiosity. I was taken by surprise to find that the flavor of the chocolate wasn't heavy as many dark chocolates can be. The raspberries and rosehips was actually a pleasant compliment, seeming to enhance the natural fruitiness of the chocolate itself. It was certainly an enjoyable surprise which now has me wondering about the other flavors that the company has available.