Friday, July 25, 2014

A Failed Attempt.. Time to Plan

Having returned from our travels, we sat down and debated on how to classify our success level of our little mission. Sadly, past the wonderful hidden gems we mentioned for Day 1 of the road trip we were on, the rest of the trip had nothing to really report about. Besides the complimentary breakfasts provided by the hotels we stayed at (there was one which had cold scrambled eggs as part of the offered items) and grabbing snacks from gas stations, our food adventure was quite lack luster. Though we did have an exciting trip, it did leave this pair of Foodies feel that there was something missing. 

How are we to make up for this lack of tastebud stimulation? Well it would seem that we're in the process of planning another road trip set for some time in September. We will be traveling from Sacramento to San Francisco in order to connect with Highway 101 which will take us up the Pacific coast line through Oregon and Washington. Are you in Northern California, Oregon or Washington? Know of some local eateries that we should try along the way? Feel free to let us know and suggest your favorite must-visit locations! 

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