Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rice Cheese

Galaxy Nutritional Foods – Rice Cheese

A company based in Orlando, Florida which specializes in cheese alternatives for those who are on special diets. Providing soy cheese, vegan cheese, rice cheese and organic cheese alternatives with amazing flavor, their website actually includes recipes and a way to find out where to purchase their products.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods
Orlando, Florida

-The Gamer-

Upon first opening the cheese, the first thing one will notice is the texture. Despite being made mostly out of rice, it actually has the texture of regular cheese, somewhat of a mix between cheddar and monterey jack. It is what I would call a medium cheese in terms of firmness, mostly firm but with a little give. It slices much like regular cheese as well, able to be made into slices or chunks as one pleases. The texture of the cheese when eaten ends up being somewhat like a feta or a low moisture mozzarella. As you continue eating you may note the flavor, which tends to hover somewhere between a mild cheddar flavor and monterey jack, a somewhat salty, slightly tangy cheese flavor. When melted, more of the cheddar flavor ends up coming out, with the taste becoming a bit more salty than when it is eaten cold. Overall, the cheese was rather pleasant and somewhat surprising, as I think both Dawn and I were expecting something more akin to tofu cheese.

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