Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

California Sungold Pistachios Co. - Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

California Sungold Pistachios, a gourmet nuts and treats company based out of Oakhurst, California has amongst their products Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans. Their products are available for purchase at CVS Pharmacy and their website by the case (for wholesale trade only).

California Sungold Pistachios
Oakhurst, CA 93644

-The Gamer & the Artist -

After trying a couple of beans each we came to an agreement that though the flavor is nice, the chocolate seemed to have the taste more of a milk chocolate then dark. Another inconsistency that we noticed was that yes the size of each blob of chocolate are the same (about the size of a peanut), this is not an accurate indication to the size of the espresso bean on the inside. Some will be a full sized bean while others will be either a half or even a fragment of a bean. With this in mind, they do taste alright but is a disappointment when having the expectations of having a full bean cloaked in a dark chocolate.

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